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As of December 27th the current Metaviewer(MVR) site used for document management will no longer be available. The new system will be OnBase by Hyland.
Each individual accessing the OnBase system will have a unique Login and password. The reports are separated by SEG banner and type of deal therefore you will see multiple reports for one week.

To be granted access we are asking all users go onto the new site and filling out the user request form by selecting the "Create Account" button on the Login page.
Once done allow 24-48 hours for your account to be configured. An email will be sent out notifying the user that the account is set up along with a User Guide.

New site address:

Please begin using the OnBase site in your day to day activity and let us know of any questions or concerns. The testing period will be from now until December 26th.
Any and all feedback is welcome and can be sent to,

Thank you for your cooperation.

If you are unable to login or cannot locate an invoice please email,
*Provide your vendor name, invoice number, invoice date and dollar amount in your correspondence.

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